Pieter Steijger’s first full-length release shines a light on his distinctive approach to techno. Dutch DJ, producer and label head Pieter Steijger starts the New Year with a fantastic album that is sure to find a place in the album collection of many techno lovers. Luminosity is a 10-track treat for those who like their tech with a splash of house, a dash of funk and plenty of good percussion.

Like all top techno albums, the tracks work in harmony to create the overall journey. Critical moments include Interlude, with its laid-back piano grooves and downtempo vibe, which at the album’s centre is a signpost towards the record’s deeper elements. Melody is key, as witnessed in Wait For Me’s playful syncopation over a funky, whistled top line and the subtle woodwind in Elements of Life. Pieter Steijger assuredly matches the verve and pace of his beats with great instrumental flavours to create a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable set.

Pieter Steijger previously released a handful of tracks on the Frameworx Music imprint he founded in 2009. Releases like Get Some and Pseudoniem established this placid producer’s signature style – accessible techno that tilts its hat to the classic stylings of the Chicago and Detroit scenes. Alongside these, he also released several records through highly influential Amsterdam label 90Watts and the UK- based Global Underground. His tracks have received support from a long list of leading DJs: Marco Carola, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Christian Smith, Nic Fanciulli, Pig & Dan, Kevin Saunderson, Shlomi Aber, Gregor Tresher, Saeed Younan, Mr. V, David Vendetta and Tom Novy.

Pieter’s approach to business is as incisive as his approach to music production. His label, Frameworx Music, on which this album is released, is a shining example of using a flexible business model and a well-defined niche to create success. He describes the label as a ‘multidisciplinary platform for contemporary dance music and its creative culture,’ providing services from distribution and management through to marketing for their artists.


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Let us introduce DJ, Producer and Label honcho, Pieter Steijger. Born on Valentine’s Day, in the year house music took its first steps towards Europe, 1989. Since his first steps on this world as a toddler, Pieter has been breathing music. This young kid had his first osculation with the turntables at the age of 13, since then he developed himself and has been constantly working on innovating electronic music.

Nowadays Steijger has a broad experience and created a unique sound: characterized as pure and quality deep house and techno. His character is described as a tranquil person, but when you put him on a stage or lock him in the studio, he really creates madness and ensures that the public gets a mind-blowing experience.

Pieter started his own imprint Frameworx Music in 2008, where he released his second EP “Get Some” and “Pseudoniem”. His tracks “Body Language” and “Deviation” were released on Amsterdam based label 90Watts Music. Steijger’s tracks “Ca Va” and “Parallel” got signed on world famous label, Global Underground.

Early 2013 Pieter released his first artist album Luminosity, and it has been released on his label Frameworx Music. Later on he also released his ‘Denial’, ‘Vicious’ and ‘Talkback’ EPs on this label.

In 2014 Pieter’s ‘Winter EP’ got released on Retouch Recordings owned by Italian duo Doomwork.

Pieter Steijger his most successful year was in 2015 where he came with ‘Gossip’ EP. This EP was released on Kompakt.

During Pieter’s career his talent did not go unnoticed as he got major feedback and support from the likes of; Adam Beyer, Bart Skills, Christian Smith, Doomwork, Dubfire, Eelke Kleijn, Gregor Tresher, John Digweed, Karotte, Kevin Saunderson, Luciano, Marco Carola, Misstress Barbara, Nick Warren, Nuno Dos Santos, Paco Osuna, Pig & Dan, Remy, Richie Hawtin, Saeed Younan, Shlomi Aber, Stephan Bodzin, and many others.

Download Pieter Steijger’s latest press kit here.

2016 EINMUSIKA080 Pieter Steijger From The Beginning Einmusika Recordings
2015 MUAK040 Zaki New Beginnings EP (Pieter Steijger Remix) Muak Music
2015 KX004 Pieter Steijger Gossip EP Kompakt
2014 FM0021 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Talkback EP Frameworx Music
RTCH009 Pieter Steijger Winter EP Retouch Recordings
FM0020 Pieter Steijger Vicious Frameworx Music
2013 FM0019 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Denial Frameworx Music
FMCD001/FM0017 Pieter Steijger Luminosity (album) Frameworx Music
FM0016 Pieter Steijger Unconscious (album single) Frameworx Music
2012 FM0014 Ardour Lacinia Frameworx Music
FM0013 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Omnium Frameworx Music
FM0012 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Composure Frameworx Music
FM0011 Sander Young Manera (Pieter Steijger Remix) Frameworx Music
GUA11DIG Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Parallel Global Underground
2011 FM0009 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Baisse & Attend Frameworx Music
FM0008 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Vision & Caddish Frameworx Music
GUSINO89EP Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Ca Va (incl. Alex Dolby Remix) Global Underground
FM0007 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Surrounded & Off The Grid Frameworx Music
FM0006 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Disbelief & Redefined Frameworx Music
FM0005 Pieter Steijger Collusion Frameworx Music
FM0004 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Prevalent & Conduct Frameworx Music
90WCS03 Sander Young & Pieter Steijger Deviation 90Watts
90WCS03 Pieter Steijger Body Language 90Watts
2010 FM0003 Pieter Steijger Changes Frameworx Music
2009 FM0002 Pieter Steijger & Dirk Dali Shitty Busride & Shake That Ass Frameworx Music
HSPO12D2 Pieter Steijger & Dirk Dali In Your Soul Hardsoul Pressings
FM0001 Pieter Steijger Get Some & Pseudoniem Frameworx Music


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Download Pieter Steijger’s latest press kit here.

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